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About Us

In 2011 I visited Turkey and became obsessed with Ottoman style jewelry.  In Istanbul, I discovered jewelry with beautiful hues of yellow gold and spectacular semi-precious colorful gems.  I couldn't resist, went on a shopping frenzy and overbought! This has probably happened to you before! I decided the best solution was to sell the pieces...and Bettina H. Designs was born.

Throughout my life, I have always loved accessories.  I have believe that one special piece can transform an outfit from ordinary to chic.  Now I was able to parlay my passion for fashion jewelry into a business.  After Turkey I continued to travel the globe looking for unique pieces including in India, Vietnam, Morocco, Greece, Italy, Brazil and of course right here at home, in the United States. With the help of my three daughters we curated a beautiful on-trend fashion jewelry website. Our lines are offered at a wide range price points, because we believe fun fashion should be accessible to everyone! 

I hope you enjoy this website as much as I enjoy collecting these beautiful pieces!





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