About Us

In 2011 I visited Turkey and fell in love with the Ottoman style jewelry.  In Istanbul I found jewelry with beautiful hues of yellow gold and spectacular semi-precious colorful gems.  I bought so many pieces that I decided to sell them...and Bettina's Collection was born.

I have always had a proclivity to accessories, rarely leaving the house without a statement piece.  I have always felt that one special piece can transform an outfit from ordinary to chic.  Now I could parlay that passion for jewelery into a business.  Since Turkey I continued to travel the globe looking for unique pieces. Recently I visited India, a country known for it's jewelry design.  Throughout my travels I have also collected jewelry from Greece, Italy, Brazil and right here at home, the United States.

Many of the pieces I carry are unique and one of a kind so you will not be in the same necklace as your best friend. If you would like to know if a piece is one of a kind please contact me. The lines I carry are also eclectic and have a wide range price points, so that everyone can find something.

Let's not forget about the help I receive from my three teenage daughters. They keep my finger on the pulse of what is current for their age group.  That is why I created a collection entitled "Girls" so that all ages can enjoy Bettina's Collection. 

I hope you enjoy this website as much as I enjoy collecting these beautiful pieces!

Xo, Bettina



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